Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Save-On-Shirts realize the importance of responsibility for the world we live in and the products that we sell. We are proud to take an active role in surveying how our products are made to allow for a sustainable future and we ensure all employees and contractors work in a safe environment.

Supply Chain Responsibility

Save-On-Shirts is committed to partnering with manufacturers that use factories and contractors that observe both safe and ethical business practices. We ensure the laws in which we conduct business are strictly enforced and encourage all business partners to go above and beyond what is locally legislated to adopt higher practice standards.

Environmental Responsibility

Save-On-Shirts realizes the importance of environmental responsibility and minimizing the carbon footprint our company leaves behind. In an effort to reduce our impact on the environment we have proactively automated lighting systems, implemented the use of ‘green’ cleaning products and put into place recycling practices throughout our office. We appreciate the value of a better planet and will continue to grow our environmental awareness at every opportunity.

Health & Safety Responsibility

At Save-On-Shirts we believe that all of our staff and those of our partners are entitled to work in a safe, healthy and clean environment. We provide work environments that are free from harassment and discrimination. We also recognize and encourage proper labour practices.

Proudly Canadian

A privately held company, Save-On-Shirts is focused on Canada. We are bringing you new styles that reflect the Canadian markets special needs and that are built for our country.

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